Our one week course is an intensive variation of our longer residential programmes; obviously we cannot cover as much in one week as we could in a month. The teaching approach as well as the goals and the outcomes are the same although, as you would expect, the goals and outcomes will be achieved at a somewhat lower level. As we only have the young people for a short period of time and although we will concentrate mainly on Personal skills around self awareness and self management we will pick up on social skills as necessary dependant on the needs we see in the groups.

Our focus is on the young people learning and understanding and we use the natural situations faced during the week to develop the aforementioned competencies in the young people as the learning opportunities occur. They will have the opportunity through work and social interaction, outside the working day as well as during it, to develop a higher level of social and interpersonal skills which develops skills that are needed for all aspects of life. It is their learning of these new skills that forms a major learning outcome to their re-engagement in training or employment.

“Research undertaken using two large scale surveys indicated that in just over a decade personal and social skills became 33 times more important in determining relative life chances. At the same time young people from less affluent backgrounds became less likely than their more fortunate peers to develop these skills”. (Margo and Dixon 2006)

During the course we work alongside the young people, carrying out all the tasks necessary as well as undertaking adventure activities. This will be the learning medium:

  • All Young people will experience achievement in some form, they will learn new skills, develop a work ethic, and feel an increase in their self esteem and confidence.
  • The structured learning offers an opportunity for achievement and reward during the early stages. They must achieve in order to move on, so developing motivation and the work ethic as well as moving forward towards the programme goals through incentives.
  • The optimum group size is 15 and the minimum is 10 with an instructor ratio of 1:5. During the week students will undertake various outdoor activities, there will be some work either general tidying up of the centre we will be using or some simple conservation work and there will be our own housekeeping for the week.
  • The evenings will be as structured as the working week. Our staff will work day and evening rotas to fully occupy the young people while they are with us, giving a taste of different experiences to stimulate their interest in activities or hobbies they could maintain when they return to their own communities. This again is an important method of continuing their development post course. The evenings are also the time when independent living skills can be developed, such as cooking, healthy diet, hygiene and life skills.
  • During these structured phases the young people work together and live together, an ideal environment to develop their social skills, self discipline, problem solving skills, communication skills, and independent living skills. The environment that the young people will stay in will at one time provide a myriad of opportunities for staff to use in order to support training as well as creating reward and motivation to succeed.

The courses will be based in a mountain centre/ bunkhouse. Bunkhouse accommodation offers a basic but comfortable and safe environment in which to base ourselves for the courses. Accommodation includes full board, comprising breakfast and evening meal and also a packed lunch for the daytime activities. Dietary requirements of the group will be catered for.

As an alternative wild country camping may be included as part of survival skills elements. All tents and equipment would be provided.


All our staff are fully trained for the activity they are leading, holding current National Governing Body qualifications where appropriate as well as a current First Aid qualification and an enhanced Criminal Records Bureau clearance certificate.

Our experienced team ensure that all students have an enjoyable, memorable yet safe experience.

Our programmes run all year round, although sites and activities may be adjusted for weather conditions. We would require 2 weeks notice for the first 5 day course and 6 weeks for the 30 Day course.