Leadership, Management and Team Development Courses

Designed for Success - Delivered with Passion

Eagle House has been renowned for its leadership, management and team development programmes for the past 16 years as well as our behavioural development courses for young people; our courses have been career and life changing experiences for many of our delegates.

Eagle House has always been in the business of helping and supporting people to be the best they can be whether they be members of Boards of Directors, commercial industrial or retail staff, young offenders or orphans in Romania we have designed courses and programmes to enhance their futures.

During the last two years we have been developing a new generation of programmes impacting on leadership, team dynamics , motivation and management they have the ability to develop the very building blocks of success in people in whatever market place they work and at whatever level they have achieved already.

This really is the DNA of Success!

All of our corporate programmes have proven content which are then tailored to a client’s individual goals, objectives and needs. Our courses fall into three categories: -

1. Leadership - a leader needs to be much more than the head of a pack, they must be inspirational, a coach and mentor, a guiding influence as well as an achiever of goals others thought impossible.

2. Team Development - No one person has all the knowledge, expertise or gifts that a world class team needs but a team that can work cooperatively whilst communicating and supporting one another can indeed produce these exceptional results.

3. Change Management - This is not just a list of skills or tasks that are necessary to see companies through a time of change, this programme combines with those above to create an ethos and catalyst for change and progress owned by the whole organisation.

All of these courses incorporate this DNA of Success and they simply are transforming.

Our courses for leadership, management skills or team development can be delivered as one, three or five day events. Eagle House can arrange all accommodation where required.

For the last 20 years Eagle House has worked with a wide range of clients from Boards of Directors to military personnel both in this country and the Middle East, from young people in this country and abroad to young people with multiple barriers to re engagement as well as orphans in Romania. In all these areas we have achieved outcomes beyond those expected by our clients.

Between 2006 and 2008 we re-evaluated our programmes; we looked at that which had been successful and the areas where things had not worked as well as they should have; we researched the work of Daniel Goleman, Howard

Gardner and Maslow; we considered psychometric testing and Jungs work on “Colour Circles” and we redesigned our courses and programmes for both young people and our corporate clients. The commercial product was our corporate suite of programmes entitled “THE DNA OF SUCCESS”.

The “DNA of Success” Suite of Programmes

Our Leadership , Management and Team Development Programmes are the foundation on which to build; the base which any other management or personnel development courses you may be considering need. Whether you are putting Engineers onto Project Management Courses, teams through Psychometric Testing or “Colour Circles” analysis or simply running basic management skills programmes, our DNA of Success courses will be the catalyst for their success as well as success in the workplace. They will enhance the results of any training you undertake. All our courses are a structured blend of theory, discussion workshops and practical application. We base our residential courses normally in one of our National Parks, Snowdonia being the preferred location due to its accessibility from anywhere in the UK as well as the variety and range of adventurous activities available to us which we use as the training medium in which we base ourselves. Confucius said “ I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand” we use this to the full, we look at the theoretical in the workshops and then go out into our beautiful mountain areas and create understanding through practical exercises and scenarios. Returning to discuss and review so creating growth in our knowledge and ourselves.

“I can honestly say that the experiential leadership training I did with John over 20 years ago transformed my leadership approach and capability.” (Ray Norris, Senior Manufacturing Director, Kimberly Clark Europe)

For one day courses we use hotels with conference facilities, again ideally based out of town and the practical elements are still delivered outdoors but are somewhat “low key” physically what with being delivered in the grounds of the hotel.

All our programmes use ‘Experiential Learning’ as the foundational method of creating understanding and subsequently changing people’s lives. Our teaching approach utilises Kolb’s experiential learning cycle of experience, reflection, generalisation and active experimentation. We will encourage understanding of the skills to be taught through enquiry, using concrete examples and will promote learning through the stages of skill development.

In all cases the final structure of our courses will reflect the specific objectives of the client and the goals or outcomes they require or need.

Additional Management and Team Leader Courses

  • Introduction to Team Leading (two day) - for first-time managers interested in sharpening their team management skills
  • Introduction to Coaching (one day) - for managers interested in getting more out of their people
  • Managing People (for experienced managers) (two day) - for established managers interested in using innovation to drive the business
  • My Time (one day) - for anyone interested in making better choices with time and getting more done
  • Managing To Your Potential (MTYP) (three day) - a residential programme covering management styles; management behaviours; motivational techniques; situational leadership; reviewing people performance; Key Result Areas (KRAs) and providing feedback
  • Bite-Size Learning - a series of 2 hour sessions based at a client’s location, with a maximum of 8 delegates so that everyone gets attention. Can be used as standalone or part of something bigger. Tailor made and customised to meet specific requirements.