With our parent organisation Eagle House, we have designed a cutting edge methodology for the development of personal and interpersonal skills for individuals, teams or organisations. We can structure our courses around Leadership, Management Skills, Team Development, managing change or diversity. Whatever the focus of your course the outcome will be life changing.

Research undertaken using two large scale surveys indicated that in just over a decade personal and social skills became 33 times more important in determining relative life chances.”. (Margo and Dixon 2006)

Daniel Goleman in his book “Working with Emotional Intelligence” (1999, Bloomsbury) quotes a survey carried out at Harvard Business School whereby they show that to be successful in any walk of life you need high levels of Emotional Intelligence (EI). We take the core subjects and weave into them motivation, confidence development and a broad range of EI competencies. The results are extraordinary. All this is then blended with fitness and outdoor activities in such a structured manner that everything has a reason and learning happens throughout the whole course.