Boot Camps

Alongside our parent organisation Eagle House we have been working in the area of personal development for the past 15 years developing cutting edge programmes for corporate clients, schools, and private clients. We have our Generic Boot Camps “Back to Basics” and Prestige Boot Camps” or our tailor made programmes for 10 or more delegates. Your tailored Boot Camp course will be designed following a brief from you as to what your goals are. These may be to achieve any of the following or, as is normally the case, a combination of several goals.

  • improve your fitness
  • lose weight
  • increase your self esteem
  • improve self discipline
  • increase your confidence
  • challenge yourself
  • motivate yourself to greater success
  • raise the level of your emotional intelligence
  • have a week away that could change your life
  • put a sense of adventure in your life

Personal Fitness

Our fitness courses are effective in supporting you in achieving your goals, but are far from ordinary, we blend fitness sessions with adventure activities that that challenge you physically and mentally. All our courses are structured and incorporate workshops on a wide range of topics to increase your understanding of fitness and diet. Whatever your level of fitness we can tailor a course for you.

Fitness and Adventure

Fitness can be hard work mentally as well as physically; whether you are just starting out on your journey to fitness or have a regular routine already it can be hard sometimes to maintain motivation and enjoyment. We have developed a range of adventurous expeditions that will in themselves improve your overall physical condition as well as several that are excellent for weight reduction.

Our expeditions can be organised in the UK or abroad depending upon your budget and time availability and you would be accompanied by experienced nationally qualified instructors. Depending on your own level of fitness these can be stand alone expeditions or can be the culmination of a series of weekend courses with the expedition as the target for your fitness drive.

Expeditions can also include charitable goals that can impact the lives of others, we have plenty of ideas for these and there are unfortunately always plenty of people who need the help.